Bohemian Harvest Ranch Style Shoot

I’m so excited to share this with you today! I had the opportunity to provide the hair and makeup services for this inspirational wedding shoot. I am so passionate about the boho style. It inspires me and makes me happy! It makes me feel so carefree and fearless! The team that put this together was absolutely gifted and incredible. Cheers to an amazing photoshoot!View More:

The vendors involved are:
Florals, Teepee, Decor & Cake
Emily White,
The Pear Blossom
 Insta- @emily_pearblossom
Photography, Decor
Ashley Hawkes
Hawkeye Photography
Insta- @hawkeyephotobyashley
Julie Maughan
Blushing Blonde
Insta- @blushingblonde
Alyssa Hemsley
Private Ranch in Sprinville Canyon
Harlow Brides
988 E 3300 S
Salt Lake City, Utah
Insta- @harlowbrides
Dress Designer:  
Kite and Butterfly
“Rena Gown”

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